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My Mission:
"To Educate you on the Art of Sourdough Baking. "

nourishing your life with organic and ancient grains, and exploring the Sourdough science and health benefits to ease gluten sensitivity."

Chef Roberto Giammellucca sourdough academy

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The most comprehensive way to start your sourdough journey in Gold Coast or Brisbane. Join our live workshops, where theory meets hands-on practice, complemented by snacks and drinks, and enjoy ongoing support through our dedicated group. 

Start your sourdough journey affordably by delving yourself into the science of sourdough bacteria and learning about their lifecycle. This option includes troubleshooting guidance, enabling you to create your own sourdough starter in just 8-10 days.

Discover how to master sourdough remotely with lifetime access to our comprehensive online course. Learn to craft sourdough bread from scratch, starting with your very own sourdough starter. Enhance your expertise with 9 bonus videos, gain access to our supportive community, and enjoy the peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee

Kickstart your sourdough journey with our comprehensive kits. Each kit includes a dehydrated sourdough starter, a step-by-step guide on reactivating the starter, access to our support group, and more essentials to begin your baking adventure

Experience the convenience of savouring sourdough pizza, Italian antipasto, Sicilian cannoli, and more at your special event in Gold Coast and Brisbane. Enjoy a hassle-free celebration with our exquisite catering

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Meet the Founder

Chef Roberto Giammellucca

Thanks for visiting The Sourdough Science Academy.


This is an idea born from the desire to spread awareness of Sourdough and its health benefits.

When I first started making my own Sourdough Starter it was a success after few trials and this is because I had the knowledge and understanding of wheat flour and its enzymatic composition and I have studied the bacteria’s metabolic reactions .

I am a Qualified Italian Pizzaiolo, Chef and Baker, I have been taught to study the Science behind the kneading process of Pizza, Bread and any other kinds of doughs.

I have been experimenting for many years and I am now ready and keen to share the knowledge and my founding with you all.

I will show you how to bake bread, pizza and any other sourdough related goods with the use of natural and organic ingredients and Ancient Grains.

I also love to socialise and share my food with everyone that is why I also offer Pizza Catering for Parties, Birthdays, Functions and Private events. 

Welcome to The Sourdough Science Academy, 

your Sourdough Journey has just started.


Just a thought...

I believe that there has never been better time then NOW for 

🥖 learn how to make your own bread , 

🥦 learn how to grow you own veggies and trying to be self sufficient as much as possible

With the 

❌food shortages we see nowadays, 


❌rates and 

❌inflation going up, 

✅ SAVING Money comes as priority in our daily life and it is a vital skills to protect ourselves.

I am so blessed 😇 to be able to contribute to help people with my knowledge and skills.

This is my main focus with my Academy… helping people having bread on their table at low cost with the maximum health benefits and without the use of expensive equipment.

Are you ready to start baking your own delicious Sourdough Bread?

What other says about us

Based on 197 Reviews
Kelly Duffy
Apr 18, 2024

Roberto was a great teacher, approachable and I felt confident to give sourdough bread a go after the workshop. Knowing I can access him and the community when I need it is also very reassuring

susan fretten
Apr 14, 2024

The sourdough class was very enjoyable and provided the information and motivation to begin my sourdough journey. After mixing, stretching and folding the dough, I took it home and placed it in the refrigerator for 20 hours then cooked my first sourdoughs. They were amazing! Thankyou Roberto for sharing your knowledge and encouragement.

Hayley M
Mar 31, 2024

Fantastic workshop for anyone interested in making their own sourdough pizza. Roberto is a wealth of knowledge and made the class super fun.

Glen Gould
Mar 30, 2024

Very well organised and super informative. We covered each step and practiced the techniques. Great Session.

Janine Mason
Mar 24, 2024

The workshop yesterday was wonderful, so informative, I learned so much from Roberto, and he explained things in such a way that it made everything so easy. I intend to do the sourdough bread workshop next. This is the pizza that I made.

Deb Kinsel
Mar 23, 2024

Had a great time on the Sourdough Pizza course with Roberto today. Was hands on all through the morning from making the dough, then making the pizza and then eating our pizzas. Looking foward to making the pizzas from the dough we made today tomorrow.

Kady Versteegh
Mar 18, 2024

WOW. Roberto was the best. Our group had a mix of beginners and experienced ones. He catered to all of us. I started baking sourdough 4 years ago and I still learnt so much. Great resources are available after the class too for all the questions you know you will have. He crammed so much into the class. Seeing it cook, then making our own, there are 20 minute gaps between steps so you learn in bite size pieces. Then you get to eat it with wine and truffle oil AND take home your 2 loaves ready to bake the next day. It was such a fun class. I strongly recommend for anyone interested in sourdough for any reason and at any skill level.

Carly Williams
Mar 18, 2024

Thank you Roberto, we had a great time and my sourdough has never looked better. I appreciate you sharing not just your tips, tricks, and secrets but also your incredibly delicious and sour starter! I can’t wait to learn more

Michelle Yip
Mar 3, 2024

Our family of 4 had such a fantastic experience with Roberto and look forward to diving deeper into sourdough with him. Great energy, wonderful knowledge. Thank you Roberto


The Sourdough Science Academy

Discover What Happens When a 4-Year Sourdough Veteran Joins Our Class… 

✨We’re elated to share Kady’s transformational journey with us! 

🌾 Here’s a peek into the magic that unfolds in our classes, suitable for all skill levels:

🌟 Inclusive Approach: From novices to experts, we’ve got you covered.
📚 Continuous Learning: Access to invaluable resources even after the class ends.
🕒 Structured Creativity: Master sourdough in easy-to-follow steps.
🍴 Gourmet Experience: Relish your creations with exclusive wine and truffle oil.
🏠 Bake it Home: Depart with 2 loaves prepped for your oven.

Thrilled by such heartwarming feedback, we invite you to become part of our sourdough family ! 🥖💖 

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🥖 Dense Loaves? Learn how to achieve that perfect airy crumb every time.
⭕️ Flat Bread? Discover the secrets to a beautiful rise.
❓ Sourdough Starter Woes? Master the care and feeding of your starter for peak performance.
🌾 Gluten Sensitivity? Explore how sourdough can be more digestible and enjoyable.

🎟 Reserve Now:  secure your spot on our Upcoming Classes page through our link in bio or

⏳ Hurry, spots are limited, and they’re filling up fast! We can’t wait to share the joy and science of sourdough bread-making with you. See you there!

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🍞✨ Big News from The Sourdough Science Academy! ✨🍞

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new venue for our sourdough bread workshops: Sweet Way Maestro Studio Baking and Culinary Professional Center in Salisbury, Brisbane! 🎉

🌟 Why Sweet Way?
Sweet Way is not just a venue; it’s a hub of culinary excellence. Founded in 2004 and part of the Ever Style Group Pty Ltd, Sweet Way has been serving the baking community with top-notch services, professional appliances, and a passion for creating value for customers.

📅 Weekday Classes!
For the first time ever, we’re bringing our beloved sourdough bread workshops to a weekday slot. Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can dive into the world of sourdough baking without waiting for the weekend.

🌾 Join Us on 9th May
Mark your calendars for 9th May and be part of this exciting journey at Sweet Way. Whether you’re a baking enthusiast, a budding entrepreneur, or someone looking to master the art of sourdough bread, this is the place to be.

👉 Swipe left to see the beautiful Sweet Way venue and some of our past workshops in action!

💌 Reserve Your Spot
Spaces are limited, and our workshops fill up fast. DM us or click the link in bio to book your spot. Let’s bake, learn, and grow together in this new, inspiring location.

🌱 Embrace the Sourdough Revolution
At The Sourdough Science Academy, we believe in the power of proper fermentation. Join us and discover how sourdough can transform your health and baking skills.

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❓Ever heard of Autolyse but not quite sure what it is or how to use it properly in your baking? 🤔

We’ve just unpacked everything you need to know in our latest blog post. From unraveling the mystery of Autolyse to who invented, how to do it properly and what benefits bring to your dough guiding you through the steps to master this technique, we’ve got you covered.

🔬 Dive into the science behind how Autolyse activates amylase enzymes, making more sugar available for the yeast, and giving a phenomenal boost to fermentation. This is just the start of how Autolyse can revolutionize your sourdough!

📖 Get all the insights and start baking with confidence. Visit our blog available on our website link in bio to explore the full article.

Let’s embrace the science of sourdough together and bake wonders! 🌾

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Swipe ➡️ to see the smiles, the process, and the delicious outcome of our day. ✨🍞

Yesterday was a truly special day as I had the pleasure of hosting a private sourdough bread class at Paige’s home for her and her beautiful family. It was an experience filled with laughter, learning, and, most importantly, the joy of baking together. 🏡❤️

Their three wonderful daughters were hands-on, from mixing to shaping, witnessing the magic of sourdough come to life. The highlight? The moment we all sat down to savor the freshly baked organic sourdough bread, with a touch of butter melting into its warm, airy crumb. Pure bliss! 😍🥖

It’s moments like these that remind us of the simple pleasures in life and the beauty of creating something from scratch with love and organic ingredients. 🌿

At The Sourdough Science Academy, we believe in spreading not just the knowledge of baking but the experience of joy it brings to families and friends. 

Whether you’re looking to solve gluten intolerance issues with our specially fermented sourdough or just wanting to create memories, we’re here for you. 🌟

Thank you, Paige and family, for inviting me into your home and for the wonderful memories. Let’s continue to spread the love, one sourdough loaf at a time. 💛

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