My Mission:
"To Educate you on the Art of Sourdough Baking. "

nourishing your life with organic and ancient grains, and exploring the Sourdough science and health benefits to ease gluten sensitivity."

Chef Roberto Giammellucca sourdough academy

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The most comprehensive way to start your sourdough journey in Gold Coast or Brisbane. Join our live workshops, where theory meets hands-on practice, complemented by snacks and drinks, and enjoy ongoing support through our dedicated group. 

Start your sourdough journey affordably by delving yourself into the science of sourdough bacteria and learning about their lifecycle. This option includes troubleshooting guidance, enabling you to create your own sourdough starter in just 8-10 days.

Discover how to master sourdough remotely with lifetime access to our comprehensive online course. Learn to craft sourdough bread from scratch, starting with your very own sourdough starter. Enhance your expertise with 9 bonus videos, gain access to our supportive community, and enjoy the peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee

Kickstart your sourdough journey with our comprehensive kits. Each kit includes a dehydrated sourdough starter, a step-by-step guide on reactivating the starter, access to our support group, and more essentials to begin your baking adventure

Experience the convenience of savouring sourdough pizza, Italian antipasto, Sicilian cannoli, and more at your special event in Gold Coast and Brisbane. Enjoy a hassle-free celebration with our exquisite catering

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Meet the Founder

Chef Roberto Giammellucca

Thanks for visiting The Sourdough Science Academy.


This is an idea born from the desire to spread awareness of Sourdough and its health benefits.

When I first started making my own Sourdough Starter it was a success after few trials and this is because I had the knowledge and understanding of wheat flour and its enzymatic composition and I have studied the bacteria’s metabolic reactions .

I am a Qualified Italian Pizzaiolo, Chef and Baker, I have been taught to study the Science behind the kneading process of Pizza, Bread and any other kinds of doughs.

I have been experimenting for many years and I am now ready and keen to share the knowledge and my founding with you all.

I will show you how to bake bread, pizza and any other sourdough related goods with the use of natural and organic ingredients and Ancient Grains.

I also love to socialise and share my food with everyone that is why I also offer Pizza Catering for Parties, Birthdays, Functions and Private events. 

Welcome to The Sourdough Science Academy, 

your Sourdough Journey has just started.


Just a thought...

I believe that there has never been better time then NOW for 

🥖 learn how to make your own bread , 

🥦 learn how to grow you own veggies and trying to be self sufficient as much as possible

With the 

❌food shortages we see nowadays, 


❌rates and 

❌inflation going up, 

✅ SAVING Money comes as priority in our daily life and it is a vital skills to protect ourselves.

I am so blessed 😇 to be able to contribute to help people with my knowledge and skills.

This is my main focus with my Academy… helping people having bread on their table at low cost with the maximum health benefits and without the use of expensive equipment.

Are you ready to start baking your own delicious Sourdough Bread?

What other says about us

Based on 219 Reviews
May 29, 2024

What a great way to spend a Saturday! I’ve tried before on my own but now I have so much better understanding of the processes, I can’t wait to make bread each week

Carolyn Byham
May 28, 2024

What a fantastic and fun class! Roberto explained the process in detail and made it very easy to understand. Went home with extra dough and a little recipe/instruction card for future reference. Highly recommend this class for anyone interested in baking a delicious, nutritous pizza

Scott M
May 26, 2024

Roberto’s classes are always fun and very informative. I’ve done the Sourdough Pizza and now the bread classes and would recommend it to anyone one.

May 26, 2024

I have always wanted to make sourdough bread and Roberto’s workshop was really informative. Roberto went into the science about the flour, the baking, the whole technique about perfecting perfect bread. The class was fun and his bruschetta on freshly baked bread was outstanding. If you have ever wanted to master the art of sourdough please take this workshop. We took two loaves of bread home that we mastered and baked the next day and the loaves turned out beautifully.

May 22, 2024

Really enjoyed the course. Very informative and inclusive. No prior knowledge needed although those with knowledge and experience would also find very beneficial. Thanks Roberto

Allan Byham
May 20, 2024

A very well run professional class ,very informative and well explained with demonstration at every step. Roberto made it interesting and fun would encourage everyone to book in a great experience well worth the price. And you get to cook and eat your own pizza. Grazie Roberto!

Rebecca McQueen
May 20, 2024

Making sourdough pizza was such a wonderful experience. Roberto is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about sourdough which made for a fun class. It is great that the Sourdough Science Academy provides continued support to help people learning the craft of baking with sourdough.

May 20, 2024

A fabulous pizza class! Roberto shared his great knowledge of sourdough and pizza making. The pizzas were delicious! Looking forward to attending the sourdough bread workshop in the future.

Darren B.
May 20, 2024

Fantastic Experience ! Had a great time and learnt so much!!! Looking forward to my next "ROBERTO" experience.


The Sourdough Science Academy

🌟 Coach Amber’s Sourdough Success Story! 🌟

We’re thrilled to share Coach Amber’s experience at our Sourdough Pizza Class! As an athlete and coach, she loved our focus on healthy, organic sourdough pizza.

Here’s what sets our class apart:
🍕 Healthy Sourdough: Learn to make pizza that’s good for you!
🍕 Skill Acquisition: Gain valuable skills to bake amazing sourdough pizza at home.
🍕 Fun and Education: Enjoy a fun, educational experience in a supportive environment.
🍕 Delicious Results: Relish the joy of creating and eating your own healthy pizza!

Check out the fantastic pizza Amber made during the class and her incredible homemade pizza a week later. She was stoked with the results!

Join us and transform your pizza game! 🍕

Thank you @ambermaree_pt @pro_the_hero 

Pizza made with organic pizza and bread flour by @kiallapurefoods 

This Saturday the 22nd 10am pizza class at @foodconnectshed book your spot now through link in bio

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📢 Attention Please! 📢

We are thrilled to announce that all new dates for our upcoming sourdough bread and pizza workshops have been released! 🎉 Secure your spot now before they fill up fast.

🗓️ New Exciting Locations:

	•	Cooper’s Plain, Brisbane 
	•	Broadbeach 
	•	Mount Tamborine 
	•	Elanora 
	•	Salisbury, Brisbane 
	•	Currumbin
	•	Helensvale

🌟 Special Workshop in August:
Join us at the Tamborine Cheese Shop for an exclusive sourdough workshop, including a delicious lunch from the shop itself! 🧀🍞

Don’t miss out on these incredible experiences. 

Book your spot now and become a part of our thriving community of over 700 active students! 🌟

👉 Click the link in our bio to book now or head to our website

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Join our Sourdough Bread Workshop at Aperitivo Cafe this Saturday, June 15th, from 3pm to 7pm!

🎉 Get 10% OFF for the next 24 hours! 🎉
Offer expires Thursday at 11:59pm.


Learn from Chef Roberto, Australia’s highest-rated sourdough workshop, and Master the Art of Sourdough Baking.

📍 Location: Aperitivo Cafe, Currumbin 
📅 Date: Saturday, June 15th
🕒 Time: 3pm - 7pm

Terms and Conditions:

Offer valid only for new bookings

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Book now and elevate your baking skills.

🔗 link in bio or visit

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Hand-Kneaded vs. Mixer-Kneaded: Can You Tell the Difference?

I’ve put this to the test by making two loaves of sourdough bread using the exact same recipe, starter, temperature, and fermentation time. The only difference? One was kneaded by hand, and the other with a KitchenAid mixer.

Swipe through the photos to see the results side-by-side! 🍞🔄

Whether you prefer the tactile feel of hand-kneading or the convenience of a mixer, you can achieve the same delicious results. It’s all about using the right techniques for each method. 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Hand-Kneading Tips:

	1.	Use a gentle folding technique to develop gluten.
	2.	Give the dough enough rest between folds.
	3.	Feel the dough to understand when it’s ready.

Mixer-Kneading Tips:

	1.	Use the dough hook attachment.
	2.	Keep an eye on the dough to avoid over-mixing.
	3.	Stop mixing when the dough is smooth and elastic.

No mixer? No problem! Your hands are the best tool you have. Let’s embrace the art of baking together, no matter the method. 💪✨

You can do it! Give it a try and share your results with us. Happy Baking! 🍞❤️

Baked with @skitchenau use code sourdough10 to get 10% + free accessories 

Certified organic Pizza and bread flour by @kiallapurefoods 
Get this flour from our website and Save 

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Here are some pictures from today’s class.

Thank you all for joining today’s class! It was a pleasure to have you, and I truly enjoyed sharing my experience and knowledge on pizza with everyone. I look forward to seeing your baked pizzas tomorrow.

You all did amazing 🤩

Sourdough pizza class at 
Flour used for the class Certified Organic Pizza and Bread  by @kiallapurefoods 

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